So, every Wednesday is my weigh-in day and if I lose weight, no matter how much or how little, my reward is to buy myself flowers.  I love having flowers around and they are a nice reminder throughout my week of what I accomplished the prior week.  I was very pleased with the results this week and I feel like I’ve finally gotten back to my pre-vacation mindset with eating and working out…and have moved past my pre-vacation weight!   Since these flowers are only a few days old, I’m going to wait until the weekend to get new ones to celebrate this week’s weight loss.

Last night I made the crustless quiche for dinner.  It was so tasty and I finally got to add pictures to the recipe post.

I normally kickstart my week with Personal Training with Katie B., but I missed it this week because of work obligations.  I really missed having my personal training session, but I am happy to have gotten to take two of her classes this week.  Last night I took Cardio Kick which is a ton of fun. The class is getting bigger and bigger each week which is a testament to how great it is!  Tonight was her first night officially teaching BodyPump, so I thought I would support her and attend.  It’s harder than you think to lift weights to the beat of music!  It is definitely a class I’m going to add into my rotation.

I didn’t cook tonight, so no recipe.  We went to Max & Erma’s because I had a Groupon deal for it and I didn’t feel like cooking.  I had their Grilled Asparagus appetizer….SOOOO yummy and only 240 calories according to their website.  I also had their basic house salad.  Good or not good, Wednesday night is their “free cookie with dinner” night, so we got free cookies.  Fortunately, I had been really good today with my eating and had enough calories left to thoroughly enjoy my cookie and not feel guilty.